Winter reminds me to love my little girl & her body more than other seasons

Dec 30, 2022

Winter reminds me to love my little girl & her body more than other seasons

Whenever it gets cold outside & I have to bundle up with extra layers…I feel myself get squirmy

It’s been more prominent this winter..her call louder & loving

It feels like the space of the land & the love in my partnership opens the space for more feeling clearing healing as time goes by

I remember the ski trips with my family, being dressed in big puffers & thick layers

..even at that time I was aware of body size & how much space I took up

I used to be so uncomfortable in those get ups

Wanting to rip everything off & keep everything tight

All of the messages I received were that women dislike their body..I hadn’t seen a women embrace her size & shape

My little ones calls back to my body this season have left me with a smile..

Because I know how to meet her..hold her..& whisper sweet reminders of who she really is

Love ☀️

Her body, the vessel that holds the bigness of her heart

The depths of her devotion

And the light of her spirit

I’m proud of the work we’ve done together to get here, the time we’ve put in to know one another, & the patience we’ve learned when the calls back home to the body get activated

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