who do i desire inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School?👇🏻

Oct 03, 2021

who do i desire inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School?👇🏻


i am a leader
that not only wants
but helps CREATE
other leaders…

i want women who will take this work…this magic….& bring it out into their communities….into their businesses….teach it to their clients….take it into their friend circles…and yes….even introduce it to their families…


remembering how to SELF HEAL, through our BODY….is what i’m here to help create

i envision a world where we are our own healers….including our own sexual healers….& we hold each other in the same tender ways

it is our incredible righttttt to come into this Remembrance

i will give you the community & the space & the tools & the education & most importantly, the EXPERIENCE of what this work actually is…..& how you can bring it into your everyday life x practice…

i will support you in learning how to help facilitate these beautiful shifts & transformations for not just you….but for everyone around you…including your clients…

do you share the vision of:
body sovereignty
& pleasure
for all?

then i want you…IN THE FLESH

so we can go deeper together…remember more & more & more of Who We Really Are

& have it ripple out to the world around us.

FEEL me here in this.

p.s. i’m not just looking for ANY leader…..& i actually REALLY want to know what YOU’RE bringing to the table.

this is SCRATCHING the surface of a much needed deeper conversation around investing, coaching, leadership & trust.

i am not here to convince or sell you. i know what i bring. it is clear. the question is…can you trust? can you feel me here? & will you take the invitation…

more content coming on this. stay tuned.


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