who are you when you’re not trying to be something or someone?

Mar 27, 2022

who are you when you’re not trying to be something or someone?

when everything is stripped away? all of your layers, identities, armor?

without the parts of you that show up looking for love?

what’s left? who’s left?
who’s home? in there?
do you know? who she is?

what are those layers? for you? where are they inside of you? how do you hold them in your body? what’s your impression, on & in the world because of them?

have you looked? in there? really inside there?

in the deepest levels of your soul? the places you don’t let anyone go? because you don’t go there yourself?

who are you?

when you’re stripped? naked? softened? armorless?

where do you go?

do you find your heart?

will you..remember your heart?

🍯feeling the energy of grief? the call to deepen the relationship to the mother? to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive?

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