when your dreams come true...

Sep 21, 2021

when i take a step back…& breatheee in everything 2021 has brought me…it almost doesn’t seem real /// it feels like i’ve been living this for the last 4 years in the quantum💫

do you know what i mean?!👇🏻

…when you want something so bad, do the inner work to achieve/receive - detach, let go of expectations, quit waiting for it to arrive to play at your desired level, live in the reality of ‘it already is’, & stay in devotion to your ultimate desires…

when it finally comes…

🌈 you’re like, ‘oh! there you are! i’ve been playing with you for a long time in my dreams!’⛅️

i met my man in the beginning of January after 4 hardcore years of healing + unraveling the story of abuse/love that’s existed in my life since childhood

(check previous posts 📺 /@trppodcast for my full story🎙)

we’ve traveled…

🏝all around costa rica
☀️southern california
🏔telluride & all around CO

i sat in my first aya ceremony at @soltarahealingcenter…moved in w/ P, got a sauna (a dream)😻…& a lot more ink🖤

celebrated my 30th & P’s 4 yrs of sobriety

all while upholding my 6fig biz & enrolling high level somatic clients 👯‍♀️

[plz don’t be fooled at the easeeee of these creations….it has been A LOT….i have wanted to run away at least once a day😹….& there’s a voice that says, “you can do better”….this is where my practice comes in💕]

but fuck…

this. is. my. life.

i created this.

when 4 yrs ago i was living off my brother & started opening my unresolved trauma…

i was 26 w/ a BIG VISION 👓

to help women skip the same mistakes i made w/ my body, food + relationships‼️

& now i’m here helping them reclaim their sexuality, expand their consciousness & be free in their bodies

…starting In The Flesh Mystery School: a Facilitator Training to bring somatics & sexology into your life/practice

this feels like just the beginning.

thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼

as always,
you can have it all.

cheers to a year of making love 💗

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