When You Fall Back Into the Matrix

Jun 14, 2021

Reminder: Your Pleasure is Everything  to This World...because what feeds you...feels the whole.

I fell back into the matrix 🙀

Last week we closed the doors to LOVE SEX MEN. If I’m being honest, it was a smaller launch than what I intended & wished for.

I spent days trying to figure out what went ‘wrong’, what could have been better & how I could improve launch protocol.

Know what I came up with?

(Or lack there of)

Everything I, & my biz, stands for.

[How silly of me to have forgotten 😸]

I realized where my energy leaks were…

And all of them were because of my lack of enjoyment in the pleasure that was sitting right there in front of me

My mind taking me out of them because:
xx Making this much money should be harder 🤢
xx Now you have a partner & a bigger home to care for (the irony of this during LSM launch) 🤮
xx Time is limited time is limited time is limited 🤦🏼‍♀️

I noticed controlling, micromanaging behavior from me to Paul (again, the irony 👅) because I was subconsciously trying to control the outcome & find safety in some form

I noticed it all, cried it out (I have deliciously grown into my cancer moon 🌙 ), had a pleasure practice to cleanse my field & BAM…

enrolled two more clients

without needing to DO any work, except be in my being-ness

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD…But anytime we forget the pleasure…expect it to be 😉

You are the magic & the money 🌈

Don’t ever forget it.

When you fall back into the matrix, come back to YOUR truth. Remember YOUR narrative. And know every moment is a chance to create something NEW.

🎙P. S. We’re back to new solocasts on @trppodcast starting tomorrow - ‘ways to get back into the 5D when you ‘fall off’ 👅 drop a comment if you’re a listener!👇🏻

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