When we know our worth, we’ll accept nothing less than what we deserve

May 21, 2021

“You’re so picky.
“You have really high expectations.
“That’s awfully specific, Julianne.

- outside feedback when I got super clear on the lover I wanted🐑

Is this you? Or are you sort of wishy-washy?

Regardless, read on👇🏻

When I wrote out my ideal partnership characteristics & experiences...

I was clear that I desired someone who would literally play dress up with me

I wanted a man that played in all of the realms

& ALL of the Erotic Blueprints - a Shapeshifter with strong Sensual/Energetics & Kink🔥

(take the quiz in my bio to find out your Blueprint)

I was really clear on how I wanted this human to make me feel, & how I wanted to make them feel

Most people I told,
kinda gave me an eye roll like...

“Well, are you just gonna be single forever if you don’t find him?
“I hope you find him BUT, what happens when you find out your bar is set too high?


When did we forget WE are the creators of our reality in this holographic world?!

(You can have EVERYTHING you dream of 🌈)

This weekend, I had a sexy staycation with my man

It was his idea.

He sent me to get my nails done, picked me up, dressed me up, took me to dinnerS, brought my favorite snacks, & got a room with the big jacuzzi so we could play out erotic fantasies 💦

...everything I’ve dreamed of

Not because of the ‘things’
but because of the A T T U N E M E N T


This isn’t about him, it’s about me

And what I came here to experience ;)

When we get CLEAR on what we really want, our inner critic (aka inner protector) comes in like...

“You sure this isn’t too much?
“You really think you deserve all this?
“Who are YOU to dream this up.
“Let’s not get our hopes up.

It’s a GAME!

The things we accept in relationship, is a reflection of how we treat ourselves on the inside

When we know our worth, we’ll accept nothing less than what we deserve✔️

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