when's the last time you've held yourself?

Aug 21, 2021

what does it mean to you to be your own best lover?

…a question @jessica.sirena & i opened the *Becoming Your Own Best Lover Workshop Series* up with this morning.

to me, it means:

being there for yourSelf in all moments

> unconditional love, for yourSelf, from yourSelf <

it doesn’t mean i always like it, but it means staying put, even when all i want to do is abandon ship

it’s knowing i am Loving Awareness

& i can love everything, including this - myself in this moment, and the next, and the next

it’s staying true to my desires, my truths, my knowing - even if it means letting everything around me burn to the ground

it’s loving mySelf in every stage, season & cycle

it’s choosing to trust myself & my inner world over the noise around me

becoming my own best lover is bringing pu$$y along for the ride everywhere i go

because in the end…

i know,

she’s got me.

i’ve got me.

tell me your answer below…

(our next workshop is in October! you can grab the replay of today’s & the rest of the workshop series from my bio 🎤)

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