when a woman is disconnected from her sexuality, it shows up in every area of her life

Oct 29, 2021

when a woman is disconnected from her sexuality - her life force - it shows up in every area of her life

the longer it goes unnoticed or brushed off like it ain't no thing...

the louder the body has to get in order to grab her attention

maybe at first it's less creativity

shrinking self trust.


then, emotional disconnect.

a quieter voice. 

loss of sense of self.

lack of fulfillment x happiness

next, the physical manifestations set in...

hormonal imbalance

digestive issues

the need to micromanage & control

everything (especially food, movement, people, business, & outcomes)

when we're 

*living out of alignment with who we really are

*disconnected from our true essence

*neglecting our pleasure

*& shunning x shaming our pure, erotic nature...

the body feels that. the body knows

& our soul...

is going to lead us to the opportunities that will help us Remember

so, I ask you...

*are you listening?

*are you awake to your soul signals?

*are you eating the breadcrumbs sprinkled along your path?

because it you're not, you may just be missing out on all this incarnation has to offer

breathe into it.

sink into it.

& remember, you ARE it. 

AND….i’m so fucking proud of myself for staying committed to the bigness of this next chapter

it’s all happening
it’s all right here

& there’s no playing small now 😅

for any of us!

thank you
thank you
thank you

loving you all so hard!
💛 happy weekend 💫


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