What Your Friends Won't Tell You

Jun 09, 2021

if you’re out here giving your friends the best relationship advice but not taking it for yourself, you probably have unresolved issues/trauma/programming/karma/ancestral wounding


while i know it can feel heavy/daunting/intimidating to look at our ‘shit’

the truth of the matter is…

if it’s left unresolved, you never left that place of wounding anyway

the body remembers everything

but it does not understand T I M E

so if the body never got resolution to your dad leaving when you were little, your ex cheating on you, the sexual assault in college — then it does not understand it to be in the past

as far as the cellular memory is concerned, you are being hurt & living out the wound over & over & over again

this is *why & where* we get stuck, project, & carry out patterns like its our job

TO UNDO this, come join us in LOVE SEX MEN.

we will be healing the wounds of the masculine to evoke your submissive & open to deep connection x intimacy with *****SPECIFIC Somatic Embodiment practices & rituals to get you out of survival mode & into NEW realities*****

it’s not about cognitive awareness & understanding....

the issues live in the tissue — & that’s where resolutions lie.

🚨Applications are due by Saturday!!

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