what we perceive as defective about ourselves... we also experience as loss.

Apr 01, 2022

what we perceive as defective about ourselves...

we also experience as loss.

whenever any portion of who we are is denied...

we live in a condition of loss. 

the proper response to any loss is grief.

but we cannot grieve for soemthing...

that we feel is outside the circle of worth. 

that is our predicament 

we chronically sense the presence of sorrow...

but we are unable to truly grieve

because we feel in our body

that this piece of who we are

is unworthy of grief- Francis Well

raise a hand if slide 4 is your favorite line 👋🏻 did you know there are 5 gates to grief?? the 2nd gate is:

*the places that have not known love*

..the parts of ourselves we have disowned, denied, sent away, banished or named broken — the pieces we deem unworthy or unspeakable

shame fills these places.

you know what helps move shame? there’s actually 3 steps…

i’ll let you in on one now & the rest tomorrow

eventually, when ready…

it’s moving from silence to sharing, in a safe trusting container.

inside 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍, we have a monthly grief circle to bring these parts of ourselves forward.

*healing* is the application of LOVING to the places that hurt..

& that’s what we’ll be doing inside.

we start the first weekend of MAY. mother’s day weekend. how divine for bringing in the mother archetype 🙏🏼


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