what’s happening in most of our pelvic bowls

Oct 01, 2022

This photo represents what’s happening in most of our pelvic bowls.

Squished. Compressed. Twisted. Contracted.

A lack of:

Space. Breath. Blood. Life.

No room for what needs to flow.

No awareness of the blockage from the first place.

Even what starts as a small disturbance, causes the body to adapt & adjust.

Without attention, care & healing, the disturbance grows.

Causing the managers of the body to work harder, longer hours.

Certain jobs unable to get done because someone else can’t do theirs.

…affecting everyone above & below.

The body of this world, Mother/Lover Earth herself, is no longer asking for our awareness.

She is demanding it.

And so are our bodies.

They are one in the same.

As above, so below.

We must start turning & tuning in.

If you’re ready to get spacious, full of flow - awake, alive, inspired & TURNED ON 😻join us IN THE FLESH!

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