what it's like being in a 1:1 immersion with me

Apr 07, 2022

spending time in the cutest airbnb with my 1:1 client this week! here’s what we’re up to 😻

last night…

we did a 3 hour session with coaching & bodywork

we focused on opening her heart space

& bringing connection back to her womb after a surgery that took out her ovary & uterine tube

it was slow, intentional & opening

then, private chef @dalenchristeen brought us a colorful vibrant salad filled with wasabi edamame, cabbage, rolled up mango, shredded organic chicken & jalapeños πŸ’¦

this morning…

we started with body botanicals, oils + herbs, & gentle movement

all of this brought her to a release where she got *well* & purged

the energy cleared & opened

so we moved into what was most alive

..a biz brainstorm & expansion day!

we mapped out 5 solid core offerings for her $ex coaching biz that she started last year when she went through the Erotic Blueprint™ cert

an intro workshop, EB offering, 1:1 container, in person immersions


i led her through a process that helped her create her first ever PROGRAM! - called *burn out >> bliss*

for the corporate warrior woman who knows its time to get into her pleasure

we mapped out the entire offering, marketing angles, content, + turn on event

after, @dalenchristeen blessed us with broccolini, butternut squash, golden beets, lemon garlic shrimp, + turmeric tahini drizzle

& chocolate covered vanilla strawberries πŸ“

….okayyyyyyy 🀀

we’ll end tonight with womb massage before i see her again on friday for our next..

IN THE FLESH Mystery School immersion (she’s in both containers!)

in deep gratitude for the trust of this woman
& the co-creation at play🌈

simply said, i love getting paid big money for this work

& showing my clients how to create wealth on their own terms

if you’re interested in:

βœ”οΈ becoming a $ex coach: IN THE FLESH reopens for enrollment in the fall (somatic $exology, bodywork, erotic blueprints) - to get on the waitlist .. dm me ‘ITF’

βœ”οΈ 1:1 work/ immersions: i have an opening for 1 year long client & 2-4 day immersions .. dm me ‘TRUTH’

you can have it all πŸ†


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