What I'm about to say is really quite polarizing

Nov 07, 2023

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One of the biggest things I see holding us back from FREEDOM in our body - is not knowing the map to our own body system or which tools to use when things ‘act’ up

Self trust needs to be CENTERED for success here

We have to learn to be okay with trial & error, making ‘mistakes’ & non linear timelines, if we want to retrain ourselves to turn WITHIN instead of without.

No one.

No one knows your body better than you, even when it comes to healing in realms you may not yet know much about 👏🏻

⭐️ I freaking promise you’re your own best healer ⭐️

I teach on biochemistry so hard adjacent to somatics & sexuality because they actually go hand in hand

& deeply support the others journey.

They both tend to the nervous system.

When we say ‘I don’t have gut issues’ it’s like saying ‘I don’t have trauma’ 🫢

We all have trauma. We all have gut issues.

It’s inevitable in the world we live & what we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

I tend to work with the humans who have done a lot of modalities but aren’t yet where they want to be.

Patience has a lot to do with it.

But so does trust & the right plan for you.

If we’re walking around with any of the symptoms listed above, it IS gut related. Regardless of how many gut things you’ve tried.

It’s the gut.

And it’s the right plan that will get you where you want to be.

How have you healed with the right plan?👇🏻

P. S. 🐆 Ready to get IN THE FLESH & find out what your body’s really made of?

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You just need to be you. Bring all of you.

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