what are YOUR commitments to In the Flesh?

Oct 04, 2021

when you invest five figures in a coach...

what goes on for you internally?

yesterday on my stories i shared that i've invested somewhere around 400k in certifications. masterminds, coaches, & healers over the last few years.

(i also shared my perspective on taking  the leap + tips for you...check out the 'investing' story highlight)

when i used to invest in coaching... i'd think

"i hope this is WORTH it...i really hope THIS is the thing...will it WORK?...how can i justify spending this much on ONE thing?"

over time...

all of this shifted into...

"what am i BRINGING to the table in this container?

how am i going to MAKE it worth it?

i trust this will work if i Allow it to...because i DECIDE what works

i acknowledge my fear + resisitance ...AND transmute it into titillating turn on...opening myself to the expression before me

investing in coaches x programs...is like any other growth opportunity that happens out there in the world

it's a practice of trusting that LIFE will take care of me....because "life supports life"- Jairek Robbins

it became a thrilling adventure of learning to TRUST...to open to what is before me...to know i don't always get what i EXPECT....but i alwasy receive what i NEED...even if i don't see it right away. 

i came into deep PEACE through these stretches becuase i sunk deeper & deeper into SURRENDER...

realeasing the illusions of the ego...& facign my biggest fears

like my own entitlements...griping to what is...what i have...

the need to contol...perfectionism...safety...the idea of what security is...attachement...expectations

these experinces MAtured my level of self responsibility & accountability ...because i chose to put it all on the line...with the absolute Knowing...

"I GOT THIS...& i will make it work no matter what"

>unshakeable self belief<


it changeed the reality of the world i was living in

because something i thought 'i could never do'...quickly became my normal

 now that you know my commitments for IN THE FLESH……(re: yesterday’s post)

my question is….

what are YOUR commitments?!
what are you bringing to this container?!

(i want to feel your magic & juice in this!)

what is your offering.....for you…..for the group…..for the mission?

(is it a titty shake after every celebratory share?! πŸ’ƒπŸΌis it the commitment to showing up even when there’s resistance?! is it sexy sounds for all of our Pleasure First practices?!😻)

can you trust yourself in this?
can you trust me in this?
can you trust that it’ll all be taken care of?

what can i count on you for?!

you can count on me to stand for your freedom….sovereignty….Truth….& Pleasure.

p.s. i’m leading a workshop next Tuesday on *Money x Wealth Consciousness + Positioning Yourself As A 5 Figure Coach with INTEGRITY*…..it’s $111 through Saturday & then it goes up!

if you’re interested in the Mystery School……i HIGHLY recommend being there πŸ˜‰

send me a ‘MONEY’ DM for the link πŸ’ƒπŸΌ


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