Well well well, look what the cat dragged in 😻

Aug 02, 2021

Well well well, look what the cat dragged in 😻

Did you miss me?!

After a few viral reels, my IG @juliannevaccaro got reported for talking about s3x x B D S M x submission.

I was disabled for almost TWO months, without knowing if I’d ever get my account back.

It was a time of delicious darkness 🌑

I was invited back into the womb of creation to release what was no longer serving me ((sounds kinda cliche but unplug from the internet & your biz for 2 months & you’ll know what I’m talking about)) & listen to my heart x soul x pu$$y 💎

I have had MAJOR downloads about biz, identity, life, community 🏠, relationships, money 💰, what I’m creating, & the new paradigm we’re stepping into as a collective — starting with myself.

I feel so full, at home, nourished, satiated, inspired, & READY to birth this new iteration of myself & business into reality.

I have SO much to say.

And SO much to offer.

I will be doing things VERY differently from here on out.

…which is why you see a black square on my feed.

It’s kinda like a before IG.D[isabled] & after IG.D.

Needless to say, if you like what I’m about…

Stay connected with me through:
🎙my podcast - The Reclamation Project - on iTunes & Spotify (@trppodcast).
💌 & email list (links in bio).

To conclude…

Hi :) I’m [still] here, loving x supporting you on your awakening journey, deeper than ever, clearer than ever, & with a whole bunch of s3xy new offerings for you.

We left off with a pretty epic post - with a lot of you reaching out for 1:1 coaching.

There’s availability to play with me in that arena if you feel the call 💃🏼

If you do, get ready for a ride!

I love you! So much!

Thanks for being here 💜

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