we may only know truth by aligning to it

May 06, 2022

we may only know truth by aligning to it.

so many new possibilities & chambers inside of my heart & body unlocked this week.

in so much gratitude for the timing of this event, these humans, this pleasure.

retreats & immersions were my intention for this year - to both give & receive.

& every time i drop back in, whether it’s for IN THE FLESH, an Erotic Blueprint event, or something else i’m enrolled in…

i am reminded.

..reminded of ‘the point’ of it all.


i close this event, to walk into the next ITF weekend, & an incredibly full next few months of the continued cycle of giving & receiving this work.

i am sitting in what i’ve always dreamed of & desired.

& i’m so proud of myself for holding it all

..even in the moments i have wanted to contract & close.

the work really works.

& this work, is about walking with both your HUMAN & Goddess.

tomorrow is the kick off for HUMAN - a deliciously slow 6 month container for somatics, the dark feminine, & the mother archetype

honored to hold the space for your own remembrance…to welcome you back home 🙏🏼

enrollees get the first 3 months of my new membership launching in September for freeeee 💃🏼

more info & sign ups in my bio

p.s. if you’re wanting to jump into retreat space…

@innerpoweralicia & i are hosting a Walk With Your Wild Woman retreat in JUNE! it’s going to be MAGIC. i cannot wait to co-lead with her & bring our gifts together to serve 🙏🏼


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