We hold it all together by letting it all fall apart

Jan 09, 2023

We hold it all together by letting it all fall apart

We remember through the process of forgetting. 

We went iiinto ourselves on Saturday at CONGRUENCE. Ladies reported feeling clear, grounded, in their truth & congruent AF 😜

The thing about landing in all of the places you WANT & drip in desire to be 💦…

🎆 free..liberated..in your Knowing..

🗡️ setting the damn boundaries as needed..using your voice to give & receive your gifts with the world..

🌀movement in your body without story..rather pleasure & ease & flow..

☀️having & holding (& expanding) the love & the bigness you’ve created in your world 💰 💫⚡️💫💰

…it’s ALL so mf accessible & possible..might I even say….EASY AF..

‼️WHEN & *only* when

There is safety in your body 🌊 🌊 🌊

That was one of the BIGGEST insights inside of CONGRUENCE.

That’s why..

When you’re in alignment & in your truth (congruency)

You sky rocket the fuuuckkk forward 🚀

You barely have to effort !! The synchronicities are off the CHART 📈 your magnetism blows your own mind 🤯

Ikyk what I’m talking about!

All of that..possible..only when you know your self AS safety💎

That’s what’s needed to hold this level & keep growing.

The tools..the developed embodied practice of going into yourself..into your body…your animal body🐆…& moooovvvving the raw real energy that bubbles beneath the surface in your day to day……..

Just mf clawwwwing it’s way out to be felt & expressed & channeled into CREATION 💦 UGH so good 🚿

Your animal body, your wild primal feminine..the dark shades of emotion & notes of beautiful color in between…is the way into freedom..

Into Spirit, God & Goddess

Your remembrance

In your body, Love lives.


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