We differ, a lot. But we share what matters most

May 28, 2022

My version of health will look different than yours.
My food choices & quantities & supplements too.
The way my body responds to movement & the way my muscles shape x grow.
My version of sexual liberation & erotic expansion might be your opposite.
Just like the way I orga$m & sound & derive pleasure.
My self expression, boundaries, self care, fun, timing in life, & relationship to truth.
The way I dress, sleep, lead, & decorate my home.
The way I hold myself.
What I set my thermostat to at night 🥴

We differ, a lot.

But we share what matters most.

Like the way we experience love in our hearts.

Turn on in our body.
Anger in our hands.
Sinking in our stomach.

The way we can swallow an actual golf ball size of grief when we’re mourning…

or turn tears into honest laughter.

How our skin gets goosebumps when aroused & our feet tired after a long day.

The way we break open after an orga$m..

sweat when we’re hot, shiver when we’re cold, bleed when we’re cut.

We differ, a lot.

But at the end of the day, we’re all HUMAN.

We need love, connection, touch, intimacy & nature to survive.

Just as much as we need food, shelter & water.

It takes a lot of awareness.

..to leave behind the judgment, your stories, comparison, competition, lack, fear, guilt, shame.

It takes a lot of awareness.

..not to make yourself (or anyone else) wrong OR right for:
being the same
being different
moving at your own pace
living, loving, looking yourrrr own way

It takes a lot of awareness.

..to be who you really are in a world that can pull you in every which way.

But isn’t it worth it?

Hasn’t it always been so far?

Keep celebrating your individuality in your community of the world.

We are changing it together.

And, don’t forget…hug & cuddle your friends 💛


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