The Voice x Yoni + Womb x Heart Connection

Feb 02, 2021

As the relationship with our body grows deeper

As we come more & more home to ourselves

We feel the most subtle shifts

Like the slightest change in our creativity

Or the deep soul craving to be held

As we enter different seasons of our cycle

In my own homecoming

As I fall deeper x deeper into mySelf

And drop lower x lower into my body

And live from my relaxed state

The unclenched, unattached place


The open, soft, tenderness way of the feminine

I see it come alive through my expression

In my movements

My choices

My heart

And mostly

My voice

The more I




Let go



Through my s e x

The more the world hears me

The more my mission x business thrives

The more I feel myself & those around me

Your voice is connected to your yoni

Your heart, connected to your womb

The more you open

The more you receive


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