Unhappily jumping from one relationship to the next?

May 21, 2021

The other day, I led my 1:1 through a deep process on:

1 - finding clarity on her repeated patterns
2 - setting her up for success to ensure she didn’t…
3 - repeat these patterns again
4 - what to do & how to be in relationship with Self if & when they do repeat (they will, we’re chipping away layer by layer)
5 - jump from one relationship to the next without taking the necessary time to heal

Very similar to what I mapped out for you in the reel!

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to sit with yourself during the interim to gain the necessary clarity to create something NEW x DIFFERENT - if that’s what you’re after ;)

Join us Saturday 5/29 for *****Calling In Your Ideal Partners x Lovers***** Workshop

I’ll be leading you through a potent 5 step process & a saucy sex magic ritual to make you magnetic for the right relationships for you!

Comment ‘more’ & I’ll send you the info 💛

The $111 for the workshop goes towards my new course - LOVE S3X MEN - if it feels in alignment for you :)

Relationships, polarity, love, s3x, communication, intimacy & integrating your inner masculine.

Ready to heal the deep wounds that keep leading you to abusive, narcissistic or painful relationships?👇🏻

Watch here.


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