🐍 two truths can exist at the same time

Jan 03, 2022

🐍 two truths can exist at the same time

the most common 2021 reflection i’ve heard was ‘this was the best & worst year’

in the midst of all the chaos…

i, just like you, feel the luckiest

the energy felt heavy these last few weeks

with lots of things coming to a head…the white head popped…the bomb went off & there’s debris everywhere (you too?👅)

& i still feel the luckiest

what’s grounded me the most is remembering that i am the creator…

everything before me for my Highest Good…& theirs

we are moving in a direction that requires us to be clear, conscious, sovereign & in our choice now more than ever - can you feel it?

infinite gratitude for the rupture & rapture cycle

…teaching, stretching, expanding, opening…

i surrender to you🥂

pictured: me in the midst of holiday relational chaos…smiling to the ethers…full of sister goddess love & client vulva presents 💕 thank you for remembering with me 🐆


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