Try these prompts for your embodiment goals!

Jan 29, 2023

Watch HERE

Try these prompts for your embodiment goals!

So often we are trying to change something about ourselves, instead of being with the truth of who we are.

What if it was actually just about letting go?

Coming home..

& finding center.

What happened in your body when you watched this! What’d these questions make you feel?

You can share with me below!

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P.S. I know this work may look & feel big for some of you. It IS big! And that’s why it yields being results. Play big, win big. #embodiment #embodimentpractice #embodimentcoach #inneranimal #somatichealing #somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #holisticcoach


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