Truth: We’ll play out our patterns until we’re done playing out our patterns!

May 21, 2021

Reminder: Don’t wait for your patterns to be ‘done’ to stop giving them power & control.

Fact: Patterns end when we fill our holes & remember our wholeness AND allow our kinky shadow side to be tickled & fulfilled 😈
One of the bigger shadows I needed to face in the relationship space was my love for drama 🎭 (hey, it’s fun 🤪)

For awhile there, nothing got me more excited than playing in the line of fire with narcissistic, abusive humans 💃🏼

🔥They fought for me. Over & over. Never wanted to let me go. Wouldn’t let me go. Would die instead of let me go. 🔥

My kinky shadow side LOVED this.

So did the younger me after a childhood of abuse where it felt like no one protected or saved me.

It was a familiar drama that filled certain ✔️underdeveloped parts of my psyche AND certain ✔️brilliant kinky shadow parts of my psyche.

When I brought the unconscious to the conscious, & whole heartedly reveled in the danger for a bit...

I, eventually, no longer needed to play that game.

A spicy game of life we live 🌶

Ready to quit giving your patterns control & power?

Join us 5/29 for **Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers** Workshop — info in bio 👽

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