TRPP Episode 347: Coaching Call with Chelsea: Perfectionism, Being Human, & Embracing Your Mess

Mar 06, 2023
  • In todays’ coaching call, Julianne sits down with Chelsea to work through some resistances & fears that are coming up for her around stepping into the coaching space. Julianne leads Chelsea through some somatic practices that help her to uncover where these feelings stem from & discover what she is wanting to feel instead. At the end of the coaching call Chelsea is feeling less pressure to be perfect, more grace to be human, & ultimately embraces her messiness & emotions.

    Key Topics:

    Using Somatic practices to move through fear & resistance
    Self forgiveness & self love
    Nurturing your inner child


    14:36 Chelsea reveals what she wants to walk away with after today’s session

    20:26 Julianne offers a furious reflection in response to something that Chelsea shared

    25:17 Julianne leads Chelsea through a somatic practice to hold space for the feelings that are arising & to discover what she is needing & wanting

    37:37 Julianne guides Chelsea through a self forgiveness exercise

    42:59 Chelsea reveals what is true for her now after she moves through the contraction. 

    57:19 Julianne gives Chelsea some practices to take with her 


    “You’re allowed to mess up & be messy”

    “Once I opened up to be accepting of my little self & her experience, it gave me more acceptance for present me”

    “You can’t just feel it all & then you don’t feel anything. It’s part of the human experience & the earlier I accept that, the easier things will flow.”

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