TRPP Episode 345: $€x Work & €$corting w/ Stacie Ysidro

Feb 21, 2023


Today Julianne welcomes Stacie Ysidro to the podcast. Julianne’s intention in bringing Stacie on the podcast is to shed light and dissolve shame around the $€x worker industry, in an empowering way. In this enlightening conversation Julianne and Stacie chat about Stacie’s story and finding the sacredness in any energy exchange. Stacie discusses blocks that creep up in the $€x worker space and how she navigates those. Stacie also shares her views on love, safety and the connection between $€x and money.


Stacie Ysidro, founder of Holistic Progressions, co-founder of St Pete Retreat, has been coaching individuals and couples throughout the United States over 12 years. Her passion is helping people experience €r0tic freedom, full self-acceptance and expression with grace and ease. Stacie has over 12yrs of experience as a consensual $€x worker. Blending spirituality, entertainment and education, Stacie has created her own philosophy around the how and why of $€x work. 

Key Topics:

  • The sacredness of energetic and $€xual exchanges
  • Navigating love in the $€x worker space and personal space
  • The connection between money and love
  • Staying safe and centered in the $€x industry




18:00 Stacie explains how the ego, judgment, and hierarchy shows up in the work that she does and how she navigates this


19:56 Stacie explores how you can find sacredness in all the various types of $€xual interactions 


23:04 Stacie shares how she stays in her center when exchanging energy


28:34 Stacie explains how holding space and being present for someone is a superpower


30:32 Navigating love in the $€x worker space vs personal space


35:12 Stacie shares her thoughts on the connection between $€x, org@$mic energy and money


44:06 Stacie shares how valuable the Er0t!c Blueprints framework has been to her work



“Sacredness is everything and everything is sacred. Each moment is sacred.. Sacred is what you make it.”


“What you have judgment over is probably what you’re shaming about yourself.”


“It’s easy to wake up, it’s a lot harder to stay awake.”


“The people that look the most normal are usually the ones that are the most far out and fun.”


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