TRPP Episode 342: Coaching call: Feeling stuck in the bedroom when your needs aren't being met w/ Samantha

Jan 30, 2023

In today’s coaching call.m, Julianne helps Samantha navigate feelings of being stuck in the bedroom & the blocks that are arising for her in both giving pleasure & asking for what she wants in the bedroom. Together they explore one of  Samantha’s past $exu@l experiences & how that is coming into play in her present relationship. 

Julianne helps Samantha somatically discover some of the blocks that are coming up when it comes to getting her needs met, what she really wants in her relationship & how she can resource the Erotic Blueprints™ to navigate this experience.

Key Topics: 
* Resourcing the Erotic Blueprints™ to feel met in the bedroom
* The power of staying in the BEING to bring you into the DOING
* Tools to bring you into a deeper awareness of what it is that you REALLY want


7:27 Julianne & Samantha explore struggles & miscommunications that might arise for an Energetic Blueprint in the bedroom. 

10:00 Samantha shares feelings of selfishness & unfairness that arise when her needs aren’t being met in the bedroom. 

15:31 Julianne & Samantha explore her past sexual experience & how it's affecting her present experience.

25:32 Julianne leads Samantha through a somatic practice that helps her to find the deeper truths of her struggles in her current relationship. 

46:06 Julianne explains how resourcing the Erotic Blueprints™ can help Samantha to feel met in the bedroom

58:26 Juliainne shares how presence & awareness can play into eroticism


“Physical connection inspires deeper, emotional connection”

“The way I work is very multifaceted, multi-dimensional because we are multifaceted dimensional beings & there’s so many domains that we can really work with & play with inside ourselves to evolve, grow, know ourselves, realize, actualize who we are.”

“Reminding all of us to stay in that “BEING” & that “DOING” will become so much more clear with that awareness.” #eroticblueprints #eroticblueprintcoach #energeticblueprint #sexcoach #somaticsexologist #somatichealing #somaticsexology #somaticsexuality


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