TRPP Episode 341: How to build & hold community w/ Ian Ferguson

Jan 23, 2023


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Today Julianne is joined by the incredible Ian Ferguson, Ian, an internationally recognized speaker, has appeared on Netflix’s ‘Sex, Love & Goop,’ as well as top podcasts for Tony Robbins & on other media such as Good Morning America, VH1, Anderson Live & Details magazine. He is the co-creator of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ & co-founder of The Blueprint Breakthrough, Inc., a company dedicated to Erotic Liberation for All.

In this episode, Julianne chats with Ian about the importance of building ethical & safe containers in every community AND  in a diversity of communities. Ian shares some of the values that he & Jaiya have anchored their communities in & how kink has contributed to the way they hold broader communities. Stayed tuned to the end for a special treat in which Ian reveals one of his “not so talked about” talents ;)

Key Topics:

* The values that Jaiya & Ian have anchored in when building their community
* How kink has contributed to the way Ian & Jaiya hold broader communities
* The power of showing vulnerability when holding a container, especially as a man in leadership.

10:42 The importance of setting container in any space
17:40 Discussion on the rupture & repair system
19:44 Rings of intimacy
25:49 The fear of being in community & how community can be a litmus test for your life
28:02 Leading with your heart in leadership
34:41 Marketing from pain vs possibility 
39:00 Lighting round/furniture talk

“...if you’ve got a really simple set of easy to define, easy to express core values, boundaries, then it makes those layers of growth more possible.”

“’s those stories that communicate, that resonate, that allow people to see, oh they’re not the perfect leader. They’re actually somebody who struggles with this & they found a few keys. That’s going to accelerate my journey. That’s going to help me do it with more grace. That’s going to allow me to be more conscientious on my path.”

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Instagram: @missjaiya


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