TRPP Episode 340: Reflections & learnings from earning $300,200k from my 1:1 coaching & mentorships this past year

Jan 16, 2023

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In part 3 to the previous 2 solocasts, Julianne reveals her sales totals from 2022 & shares her biggest reflections & learnings from earning $300,200k in sales. Julianne dives into where her vagenius lies in her business, awareness around expectations & projections that come from investing in high ticket offers, the value of her containers at any level, & building the capacity in your nervous system to hold the high tickets offers, weather you are investing in a high ticket container or offering a high ticket container. If you are a coach or mentor making offers this year, you won’t want to miss these learnings & reflections.

Key topics:

The commitment involved in getting into relationship with your clients
Building the capacity in your nervous system to offer & hold high ticket containers
How evolving your soul line & doing the inner game work moves you on your goal line

5:08 The reason Jullianne values having money
06:24 Why Julianne is calling this episode the “Projection Initiation”
07:48 What julianne really means when she says uplevel/taking you to the next level/stepping into your power
12:16 Mini training: Getting consent when making offers in the online space
15:27 Julianne’s offers for 2023
19:40 The commitment of holding a 1:1 container, vetting & holding client’s during the enrollment process, & expectations/projections that may arise.
28:07 Being aware of when you are playing the savior
35:20 The inner game work involved in reaching these numbers
38:27 Food for thought in regards to whatever it is that you are calling in for 2023


“In spiritual psychology there’s both the soul line & the goal line. The soul line is vertical. The goal line is horizontal. And we evolve on the soul line, when we do our inner game work & heal, what happens is we typically tend to have growth on the goal line.”

“People want the sexy offer…. What we hate, we really love. What scares the f*cking $h!t out of us is also really f*cking $exy. These offers are $exy. People are waiting for you to sell a high ticket offer.”


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