TRPP Episode 333: Intimacy, communication, and confidence w/ Caitlin V.

Dec 06, 2022

On this episode of The Reclamation Project, Julianne dives deep with $ex coach Caitlin V. Caitlin has worked in $ex for a long time, starting out as a reproductive health researcher. Now, she specializes in helping men and folks with peni$es overcome their hang ups and blocks in the bedroom so they can find real $en$uality and plea$ure with their partners.

Of course, Caitlin’s mastery is valuable for more than just men. On her show Good $ex, now streaming on Discovery+, you can watch her coach a huge variety of couples and singles on moving past their challenges in the bedroom. From communication to confidence, she does it all. Caitlin is also the creator of the Great $ex Community, an online safe space for folks from all walks of life to get information and advice on intimacy.

Julianne and Caitlin get into expectations and communication, as well as self love and the different ways men and women view plea$ure. 

Key topics of today’s episode:

Communication is key
Release societal and cultural expectations of plea$ure
Don’t be afraid to try something new


“They just have so much pressure to perform everywhere. Pressure to perform in the real world, which is having you move faster, and then there's that disconnection from the body, and then sex becomes the release instead of the connection.”

“...we're so blessed to have the spaciousness in our lives where…we have time to think and we have time to scroll and we have time to enjoy and we have time to ask what would be pleasurable to me instead of just being forced to give birth every single year?”

Connect with Caitlin:
[email protected]


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