TRPP Episode 330: The 3 Deadly Lessons I Learned From Not Having Direct Biz Support

Nov 17, 2022

In this solocast Julianne recaps the joys and challenges she experienced during her break from social media and the podcast. Julianne takes us through her journey during the last year and shares some of her biggest takeaways from that journey including how important it is for coaches and leaders to have support and to be in containers themselves.

During her break Julianne felt the call and invitation to go inward and to be less front facing with her business. Julianne explains why she previously shared her life so openly and vulnerably , how her desires around this evolved and why she intentionally took a break. She shares pieces of her journey and wants you to know that you aren't alone and that we are all human and go through different seasons of joy and challenges throughout our lives. Julianne explains how support might look different through these changing seasons and why it's so important to have support and be in container as a coach. Julianne is ready to hit the ground running and is excited to have you join her for this new chapter in her journey.

Key topics from today’s episode:

Giving yourself permission to go through seasons of inner reflection and healing behind closed doors.

How support might look different according to the season you are in.

The importance of having support and being in container as a coach or leader.
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