TRPP Episode 329: The Power of Family Constellations w/ Rebecca Elswit

Nov 14, 2022

Family Constellation Retreat @venusvalleyboulder w/ @rebeccaelswit Dec 2-4 : 2 spots left

Today Rebecca and Julianne sit down to discuss Family Constellations, a unique system that allows people to work through multigenerational trauma by processing the challenges that individual human beings and their family systems have faced. A group of people; whether unrelated friends, peers, or even strangers; get together in service of one person's healing.
In this incredible moment, Rebecca shared and example of a wound from 40 long generations ago creating challenges here in the present day 2022. If we're alive today, our family line has seen war, migration, pain, abandonment, and more. We don't know what happened 40 generations ago, but hearing a listening to this client's ancestor dimmed his anger.

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