To the part of you that feels like she needs to plan everything to be successful...

Jan 21, 2023

I believe most planning to be a waste of time.

Feminine embodiment is about attunement & meeting the moment. Knowing what is needed through presence & feeling. Intuition & listening.

We plan, & over plan, when we want to feel some sense of safety, security & comfort.

But the higher we go, the less ‘sense’ there is.

And the more ‘knowing’ just happens.

Breath. Feel. Desire. Flow.

Break the chains of perfectionism, performance, analytical brain games, disconnection from your feminine (body), procrastination & all or nothing mindsets with my new 8 week experience called ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE

It’s gonna change your embodiment game completely & get you out of your head + into your p$$y heart.

We start mid Feb!

Message me to join the crew!

And..if you want tips now, check out my previous content & @trppodcast 💓. #entrepreneurship #femaleentrepreneur #femaleentrepreneurship  #somatichealing #somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach


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