To the men here...

Jun 19, 2021

Women are not your place for dumping

….Their bodies, hearts or social media accounts.

I find it divinely ironic that from the start of my launch for LOVE SEX MEN, I’ve received nasty comments from men specifically.

Previous versions of me would have felt not good enough, made it about me, armored up, fought back & probably shut down towards the real men in my life.

While there were moments my knees buckled at the cruel words, I never lost the truth in my heart.

That men are good.

And there are good men.

To witness myself anchored in that truth, shows me so much about the inner transformation I’ve had.

When just four years ago, I was leaving yet another abusive relationship.

I collected those like it was just another notch in my belt. Big part of my karma.

For years,

I have hated men.

For years,

I have fought with them.

For years,

I allowed myself to be the dumpster for the unresolved pain & hurt they felt towards their mothers.

For years,

I felt so unsafe around them, that I couldn’t give love if I tried. Forget pleasure.

For years,

I wanted nothing more than to believe there were good, protective, honorable men, I just had never really seen one.

For years,

I sat with that pain, and the pain I had from my own father, so I could open my heart & deeply love another…man.

To the men here,

I see your hurts & feel your wounds.

But we are not your dumping ground.

All I’ve actually ever wanted to do, underneath all of that hurt, was to love you, and be loved.

To the women here,

there are good men.

Feel into the pain that lives in your heart & don’t stop loving.

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