to loosen shame's grip on our lives, we need to make 3 moves.

Apr 03, 2022

to loosen shame's grip on our lives,

we need to make 3 moves.

step one: feeling worthless

seeing yourself as wounded

Step two: shift from seeing ourselves through the lens of contempt

to one of budding compassion

step three: moving from silence to sharing

as long as we see our suffering as evidence of worthlessness,

we will not move toward our wounds with anything but judgement- Francis Weller

there are these really special moments during somatic sessions, when my clients will share a deep vulnerable piece of themselves

..maybe a fantasy
..a desire
..something they did they wish they didn’t
..a piece of themselves they’ve exiled

it’s always a deeply powerful & potent part of who they are - an area of self that holds much juice & aliveness

(there always is under that much resistance 🙃)

when they name it, it’s like this purification process

you can see them release the heavy burden & darkness of shame

…to move from isolation & secrecy to openness & vulnerability

..connection, truth & love.

what’s something you’re carrying that holds a lot of shame? where do you hold it in your body? how does it affect the way you move?

go find a mirror.
speak it out loud to yourself.
& meet yourself there.

then go find a trusted friend.
start with something small.
speak it out loud.
& meet yourself there.

…budding compassion along the way🌸

inside 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍,

we’ll be going through the 5 gates of grief, including the parts of us that have held shame & stayed outside the circle of worthiness (refer to last post)…until now

join us in a deliciously slow, 6 month container…to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive

we start the first weekend of may


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