to become a healthy individual. you need a healthy village.

May 23, 2022

Models for healthy behavior, self honoring choices, communication & relationship styles, self expression, embodiment, leadership, service, parenting, entrepreneurship, family dynamics

..the list goes on🐍

People to remind you of your wholeness when you forget. mirror back who you really are when life gets hazy & you can’t see the light.

Community to hold & support you

..& for you to hold & support.

Commune-unity ✨

I love what we’re creating here in this community. Your energy is so impactful & your presence is felt & valued 💛

Whether you’ve been in one of my containers, are in one/s now, or have just hung out here with me on IG & @trppodcast … you’ve helped me create this vision & bring my work to life.

So many things have been made possible because of our shared belief of Quantum Transformation & Embodied Freedom.

You always knew it was possible, & you’ve probably landed here because you see what is available to you.

My life isn’t greater than or less than any one else’s - but it is MY creation…my work of a r t 🎨

I’ve created the world I live in now from a version of myself that had a lot of lack & victim & abuse & heartache & pain…but reallyyyyyy wanted this…& really believed in the ‘more’ to life she didn’t know how to get but felt so deeply in her bones was possible…

so she sat in self practice everyday to embody the feeling of what today’s Julianne feels like.

And one day after the next…it stacked on top of each other.

The practice, the energy, the growth, the goods, the love, the happiness, the surrender.

Wherever you are…

keep going☀️

It’s all on the other side of whatever you’re up against inside of yourself.


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