to be human is to be in progress...

Apr 24, 2022

to accept the messiness of our human to melt into the l o v e & f r e e d o m inside our hearts & bodies.

one of the sweetest breakthrough moments with clients, is when they fall deeply in love with their story..their mess..& their perfect imperfection.

i love how Don Miguel Ruiz talks about this inside The Voice of Knowledge - highly recommend the read πŸ“–

*top 3 ways to work with me & quantum transform*πŸ‘‡πŸ»


..for both *solos & coupled*

this is a $333 offering that is only $111 til 4/29

⭐️ OPTION 2️⃣: if you’re ready to let go of the shoulds & shouldnts, release the burden of perfectionism to become grounded in the bliss of the journey instead of fixation on the outcome..

join us inside π‡π”πŒπ€π

pillars include: the mother archetype, rage + grief, slowness, somatics

β›°OPTION 3️⃣: if you’re ready to be seen, held, loved & celebrated by women that support your bigness & want to see you rise..

join @innerpoweralicia & I for a retreat getaway in the gorgeous mountains of CO - somatics, dance therapy, erotic blueprint expansion, & plants as medicine 🌱

…all links are in my linktree 😽


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