Tips for Accessing and Releasing Anger

Apr 27, 2021


If you find yourself shying away from anger, do an INVENTORY CHECK (in the mind x body)

👉🏻WHERE do you get STUCK in your body when you try to access & express this emotion?

👉🏻What thoughts come up?
👉🏻What’s the story in your head?
👉🏻What’s REALLY holding you back from going there?
👉🏻Where do you feel it in your body?

Most of the time with clients, I see ‘blockages’ accessing anger because of societal conditioning.

(Check previous reels / posts for more on this)

The anger is there (TRUST ME)

It’s just buried deep underneath the surface

And an ego that loves to deliciously make stories around, ‘why you shouldn’t be mad’ or ‘here’s the silver lining’

Bleh. Silver linings are great.

I’m a Queen at making them

But they’re also a straight shot to spiritual bypassing

Your anger is V A L I D

It doesn’t need to carry shame

It’s not something to fix

It’s Eros in raw form

Love in action [Passion]


When we accept our anger without judgment or needing it to have an explanation…

it DISSOLVES & creates space for new information & truths to arise

A key principle in spiritual psychology is:

“Nothing outside of you causes your disturbances.”

Meaning, your anger is yours.

The things that piss you off, are activating to YOUR system.

It’s not about the other person.

FEEL it to HEAL it!

Watch here.

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