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Oct 03, 2022

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he nice girl is the GOOD girl. She hasn’t yet RE-membered herself.

She’s the one who doesn’t say what she means, needs or wants - or how she feels - because she’s constantly putting everyone else’s needs & feelings before her own.

NICE is not productive.

NICE is the programming.

We need to say how we feel & what we need from the very FIRST time we feel that need RISE within us

..not tuck it away, overriding our boundaries, only to let the charge behind the repression of our truth build & build & build until ‘out of nowhere’ there’s a reactive eruption where you get labeled the ‘crazy bitch’ 🌋

The issue is NOT the emotion, the need, the desire, the feeling, the ask, the boundary..

👉🏻 the issue is not even the power behind your voice when you say it!!!….

**the issue is the UNPREDICTABILITY of when you use your voice to when you don’t**

Read that again 👏🏻

My favorite reframe for this is:


I’d rather be WHOLE than GOOD.

I’d rather be whole than sacrifice my truths.

I’d rather be whole & get what I need than be accepted as the good girl quietly suffering in the corner.


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