this is…intimate this is…me

Mar 18, 2022

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this is…intimate
this is…me

this is my real, raw emotional body

this is..the reality of my mornings this week

tears. joy. solo $ex. more tears. laughter. puppy cuddles. tears. love. solo $ex. tears.

but..this is where my HUMAN is

& i’m not the leader, friend, partner, guide that’ll pocket her emotions

or fake it.

which leaves me 2 options, (1) don’t show up, or (2) show up messy.

i choose (2).

(i don’t do the ‘businesses or leaders needing to be a certain way’)

i chose the bless in the mess.
& the medicine of this darkness.

i also find beauty & freedom in these places. so i like to share them. i trust you do/will too.

when i was creating HUMAM, i shared my trepidation about a container on grief

‘i don’t want it to be so heavy no one joins’

my OBM goes, ‘it’s not heavy it’s deep’

mmm das why i love & pay you 🍭


i just want *real & raw* right now

IN THE FLESH made that very clear to me.

a container of deep emotions, trauma, truth, non ordinary states of consciousness, somatic sexology…& the body.

this is what it means to be HUMAN.

to be human is to be healing.

healing is change. change is growth.

without the feelings, without the depths…we only fly so high

& i want to soar 🕊

so i take these moments
& feel them fully
embrace my HUMANness

find the beauty
see the Love

& the cycle repeats
*multiple times a day*

..this is how i mother myself
..this is how i lead
..this is how i teach
..this is how i trust

..this is how i create

*money, wealth, love, clients, offerings, expansion*

by honoring my HUMAN

& walking with her,
rather than against her


from now until 3/27 there is a $300 savings. & then it goes up.

the first 10 enrollees get FREE ACCESS to my upcoming masterclass called *Permission For Pleasure*


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