the way to more FREEDOM in your heart, body & $ex….is through your animal

Jan 13, 2023

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the way to more FREEDOM in your heart, body & $ex….is through your animal

most women *bypass their anger & go straight into sadness*

because after grade school, temper tantrums become unacceptable

…society has taught us to be ‘better than’ that emotion

when really…it’s P O W E R in raw form

at one of our first IN THE FLESH retreats…

ladies witnessed this in one another

it was so incredibly beautiful…

to see one woman give permission to the next…& the next…& the next

sisters in circle, egging each other on
to get:
& more visceral

might be one my favorite things in this world 🪩

🐆2 more days to get CONGRUENCE included in your ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE enrollment!!

💎women inside CONGRUENCE report:

“My throat has definitely been blocked. I can now feel safety in my body. And it’s okay to use my voice whenever it comes out.” - A

“I have so much more clarity. I know what I need to do from here. I thought it was going to have to be this big shift. But it’s not. I’m really excited about this.” - J

“I came in today really & and not knowing what congruence is. I feel more aligned & congruent in just these small three hours. Having the awareness & understanding of how to remain in that space. Also give myself grace when I veer in certain areas. I’m just really grateful to all of you.” - B

“This feeling of clarity. I’m remembering that I already have all the tools. I already know all the things. That’s the whole thing right? This journey of remembering & forgetting & remembering & forgetting and that’s the spiral path. Like oh yeah I forgot that I’m this divine being. Now I remember and I can move from that place” - R

DM to root roar rise with us!!

3 payment plans available 💰

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