the very thing you are scared of.... is the very thing that will set you free.

Oct 17, 2021

the very thing you are scared of.... is the very thing that will set you free.

every single woman i meet & coach (myself included)

is deeply intimidated by her DESIRES... & POWER (at first)

the reasons you keep holding yourself back from pulling the trigger & signing up....

is not because you're scared of the shadow of what could arise from the darkness

it's actually because you're so in your KNOWING of your Absolute Power & Infinite Abundance

that it becomes A LOT to RECEIVE

it's a LOT on your nervous system

which is why...WE DON'T.... & literally cannot....DO IT ALONE

we NEED co regulation on this journey

we need somatic practices to breakthrough

i hope this empowers you to trust in YOUR desires...

even when the 'fuckkkkkkkkkk this is scary' comes in 

this could be the start .... or the next step....

of being more connected to your Truth

if you're ready to take the deep dive with me...

'cause you know the benefit of being up close & personal with a mentor...

then here's your best option

IN THE FLESH Mystery School 10 month Facilitator Training with 5 in person events

....this is the best of both worlds...

because you get me at a high level of support & accessibility .... PLUS the community x grou

whether you take the invitation or not...with me as your guide...falls on a fellow Conscious Being with Choice

don’t wait on the fence too long

the indecision may feel like it’s not hurting you

but it’s a false sense of safety

….don’t bleed yourself dry, kinky kinkster ;)

i’d love to play with your ass inside Mystery School

ready to face those fears to receive your desires? dm me for IN THE FLESH details


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