the universe & you need more pleasure

Nov 17, 2021

the more you pleasure the self

the  more you are in receiving mode

which supports the universe

in widening its delivery

my 🆓GUIDE:

a self pleasure guide
…is downloadable from my linktree!

🔅journal prompts
🔅embodiment practices
🔅Erotic Blueprint touch
🔅tips on how to move stuck energy

ready for a deeper dive?

3️⃣options for ya:

1️⃣Becoming Your Own Best Lover, 3-Part Workshop Series w/ @jessica.sirena…in the last one, we went into $ex magick & dirty talk 👅 grab them individually or as a bundle

2️⃣Awaken Your Divine Feminine: come home to your body’s wisdom, reclaim your erotic goddess, & soften into your power - 8 week self study program

3️⃣ join us IN THE FLESH, a facilitator training for somatic sexology, spiritual psychology, quantum bodywork, & body sovereignty 💛

dm me if you want to chat about which ones best for you…+ i’ve got all the links for you🐆


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