the truth about us & brags

Jan 09, 2022

…he was salty about diesel’s airtime 🤷🏼‍♀️

watch HERE

i brag these little angel babies & their unconditional love!

i brag i enrolled a powerhouse 1:1 client last week into a year long mentorship at 75k 💎...& it was seriously the easiest enrollment i’ve ever had!

i brag this woman has never done 1:1 work with me before & was already a ‘yes’ before we got on our call! 👏🏻

i brag the ripple effect of co-creating with heart centered leaders.

i brag money as an incredible tool to expand our consciousness & drop deeper into service 💸

i brag the investment with my biz coach that had me ‘go first’ 🦋

i brag it gets to be this easy.

i brag…

it keeps getting better & wetter.


i future brag…

the wildly transformative, orga$mically earth shattering second weekend of IN THE FLESH (that starts thisssss Friday!!!!)💦💦💦💦

it’s going to be a p a r t y 🎉

🌹may you Know your desires as whispers from the universe
🌹may you see the limiting beliefs as invitations to expand
🌹may you rise above your (past self)
🌹may you feel Who You Really Are




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