The story of @venusvalleyboulder PT 2

Nov 27, 2022

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(The story of @venusvalleyboulder PT 2) We put in an offer on a different house first.

I had watched this other property since it went on the market a few months back.

My team & I even set up the name, IG acct & inside vibe ✨ (Emerald Estate πŸ’š)

I loved it…but it needed some work.

We were willing, but the universe had other plans πŸͺ„

As soon as our offer went in, another buyer popped in from out of nowhereeeeeee

We offered MORE money than the other party - like it was a given (you’d think)

…but word on the street has it…

the sellers got so excited they opened their email & accidentally signed the wrong contract 😹

(Okay, Goddess πŸ’–)

& within seconds they were under contract & our offer was off the table

I was upset 🫠

But thankfully I held myself & was with my mentor who also held me so beautifully in my feels - & together we sat down to come up with a NEW VISION.

“If you could have it ANY way - how would you want it?!?”

We wrote this whole list…

& then she asked,

“Do you need it to be a Mountain View or are you open to a valley?”

I went blank!

“A Valley?! Hmmm. I’ve never FELT into that. I’m open to it.”

The next day I went to see @venusvalleyboulder πŸ”️

…and just like that moment when you look at your partner & think,

‘no wonder no one else worked out’

It all made senseπŸ’›β˜€οΈβœ¨. # venusvallyboulder #boulderretreat #createyourreality #dreamsdocometrue #thegoddesshasyourback


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