the sound of letting go

May 10, 2022

the sound of letting go

on the first HUMAN call last weekend, we dove deep into the maiden & mother archetypes

we did a polarity integration of the two & wowww..was it so powerful for the women inside

through the transmission & practices, they were able to meet these archetypes within (some for the first time) & have inner dialogue to eventually make the pilgrimage home

group insights:

..seeing their maidens fierce independency & her resistance to maturation
..noticing how they were mothered by wounded maidens who never made the transition
..feeling the groundedness, faith & trust of the mother compared to the flighty energy of the maiden
..the way mother honors her seasonal realities & is connected to every living thing

the maiden searches outwardly, saying yes to everything, reaching & looking, living to ‘get’

…you can feel her energy of living ‘without’

while the mother lives ‘with’ her wholeness & divine perfection of what is, in harmony with nature & the darkness that lives next to the light

she arrives not to get but instead with much to give, overflowing from a full vessel

because she..takes care of herself first

she knows it happens in the mothers body..first

life happens to the maiden
while life happens through the mother

where are you on your feminine archetypal journey?

would love to hear your experience of these 2 in the comments…

p.s. you can still join us for HUMAN. i recommend jumping in now before our 2nd call of the month (a ritual practice to explore the dark feminine - rage/grief). we have 6 full months together with an incredible community of sisterhood that will love you fierce like the mother..& into your full bright expression of the maiden. you’ll receive the first 3 months of my new membership launching in September for freee when you enroll!💃🏼 message me for signup 💓


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