the sexual wellness & health industry is growing like rapid fire!!!

Nov 18, 2021


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a saying i’ve always loved & lived by….”you can only take your clients as far as you have gone yourself”

i want you to really know & feel…just how much *YOU* are meant to do this work.

when i had my $exual awakening,
my work felt incomplete.

i knew i needed to teach this material.

i already had a successful 6fig biz & methodology…but was willing to put it all on the line to pivot my work in the world…because it felt SO important.

i had so many limiting beliefs around *me* being a sexual healer.

mostly because i hadn’t had a healthy relationship with $ex throughout my life + i had a fuck ton of trauma.

now i know that story actually makes me a perfectly imperfect leader.

if you feel the call to this work, there’s a pile of diamonds bigger than you could ever imagine waiting for you on the other side💎

when you do the work, everyone around you raises in consciousness

it’s time to shift your fears into titillating excitement….so you can:

PLAY BIG in the world with your asks + offers

be VISIBLE so people know where to find you

feel outrageously CONFIDENT in your work & holding clients through their trauma

so you can be WELL PAID

the FREEDOM you crave in your body & biz will not come from more biz trainings or top down approaches

it comes from your $ex - your life force energy - eros

IN THE FLESH Mystery School, a Facilitator Training for somatic sexology, body sovereignty, quantum bodywork & writing blueprints -

will support you in being an incredibly effective x powerful leader in this space.

i’ve been setting all the intentions to light your fire in this work - ready to meet me there?

🔥shoot me a message to learn more & get the enrollment process started.

p.s. new @trppodcast is our today on details about ITF. tune into get your questions answered & excitement HIGH! 🎙


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