The secret ingredient most woman miss...

Jan 10, 2023

The secret ingredient most woman miss...

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I seriously CANNOT stress this ENOUGH!! Almost every single coaching call & question I get, brings us back to SAFETY!

All of the things you want, all of the things that attract you to me / my work - possible only with safety in your body

..Unless of course you bypass your system, eventually get it, only to realize you feel empty & alone & unfulfilled at the top! Iykyk 😹

I’m not just talking “Of course I’m safe! I’m the safest I’ve been!”


I’m saying..knowing yourself as safe, on the deepest levels, regardless of circumstance or energies present

If you’re collapsing in the face of fear or perceived rejection or abandonment or betrayal, that’s how ‘unsafe’ plays out in your system

It shows up in the way you love - because deep down in your body, she remembers that time in HS you got rejected for sharing that part of you

So now she hides it

And bc of that, pleasure is the last thing she’s gonna give you bc goddamn she’s gotta feel relaxed first

Feeling really truly safe in your body is about addressing & healing, the wounds + traumas of the past

So that in the face of ‘holy shit I might get rejected here’ you acknowledge it & know ‘but I’m always safe with me’ so you say the true authentic heart truth with a high chest

this is actually one of my most favorite things about the work I do … getting people to actually FEEL what they SAY, or SAY what they FEEL

bringing them into CONGRUENCY with what is ACTUALLY happening at the core of who they are

the TRUTH underneath the masks & identities

Your animal body is the way in safety, abundance, & wild freedom

Ready to feel truly safe in your body so you can expand to all your edges & bigness?

Ways to get in my world:

8 weeks into your dark primal feminine
🗓️ Starts mid Feb know yourself as safety & unleash your wild
💎$1333..this week only you get CONGRUENCE (my brand new mini immersion) included.
PAYMENT PLANS avail as low as $197

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