the program you’ve been waaaiiting for is now OPEN for enrollment…

Oct 01, 2021

the program you’ve been waaaiiting for is now OPEN for enrollment…

IN THE FLESH Mystery School is by far my most turned-on-pu$$y-created offering to date

….a highly experiential program + 5 in-person events & a circle of sisters rising together to create massive change & healing in the world

i want you to FEEL.

i want you to feel into the part of your body that feels titillated & turned on by being IN THE FLESH…

feel into the YOU you’ll be at the end of this 10 month journey together.

the impact you’ll be making.
the freedom in your body.
the reclamation of your pu$$y.
the permission to play wild & big.
the alignment in your Truth.
the love & liberation you’ll feel.
the communities YOU will create & nourish.

& the knowing of who you are….as a divine being….in a deliciously sensitized, pleasure-filled body.

i want you to feel into this offering.

….the magic of this kind of container.
….& the community you’ll be a potent member of creating.

you belong.

you belong in this work.
you belong in this community.

rise with me, sister.

it’s your offering
as much as it is mine.

body sovereignty

it’s all yours.


what are your next steps?

shoot me a DM….let’s voice note, baby.


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