The kind of personal freedom, healing & expansion I'm here for

Nov 15, 2022

I was on the Enchanted Forest with Diesel in my backpack & Woody hiking alongside me.

It was an audiobook kinda day - Anatomy of Love by Helen Fischer.

She spoke to me about marriage, adultery, mating & $ex, when all of a sudden, I felt it.

...a huge wave of sadness & grief came pouring in & washed over me.

It was a moment of pure, deep, raw emotion & surrender.

I slowed down my stride to feel the tingle of e-motion from my feet, up through my legs, all the way to my fingertips & skull.

My face scrunched up as I let tears cascade down my face, as the heat of the sun welcomed them to the world.

I kept walking as the droplets covered my cheeks & continued their path onto my sun kissed chest.

I let out a big…..UGHHHHHHHHH.
Putting sound to the sadness.

I emptied out….out...out…

And found myself on a rock near a stream, as the pups filled up, & I, continued to release.

I breathed in the clean air between sobs, simply letting myself BE in it.

...Without analyzing or judgment.

Truth: You don’t have to have reason to feel all the things.

I used to have to understand my tears - make them right or wrong, need an explanation.

When now, they just exist - WITHOUT story.

To me, tears signal ALIVENESS.

I’ve lived most of my life armored & ‘protected’, mostly spiritually bypassing.

Crying here & there, but not able to feel the DEPTH of my emotions without finding myself in victimhood.

Now, they are a CELEBRATION of my HUMANITY.


I get to feel ALL of what’s available in this human experience. .

Feeling can happen without story.

Sadness, too.

And none of it has to do with me, my person, or my worthiness.

It’s just emotion.

And then, there is me, feeling it.

This is the kind of personal freedom, healing & expansion I’m here for 💛

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