The hundreds + thousands of dollars you pour into products & supplements are a waste of your money

Oct 01, 2023


All of the pain pills/over-the-counter/prescription meds (including birth control) regardless of what the people in white coats tell you are not actually helping you in the long run

They are destroying your insides

& burying the root cause / why it’s happening in the first place even more

Every single product they have to fix the secondary symptom is part of the toxic cycle

From lotions to serums & sugar loaded probiotic this/that


I know you’ve hit breaking points

I know you’ve had no other choice than to take the damn pill bc what else can you do? You need contraceptive

& you’ve needed antibiotics


I actually fight the argument that you do

I stand for a world where women have proper education about their bodies, menstruation, anatomy & health

So much so that they don’t need a contraceptive pill if they don’t want it

The “I want to get off the pill but don’t know how or what to do instead”

Is a pandemic

We have instilled so much fear around sex & pregnancy that most of the world doesn’t even know what’s available on the other side

& it’s really scary to go against a whole society that tells you you’re crazy for choosing diff

“Are you sure that’s Safe?!?”


VERY safe(r)

I’ve had 2 major surgeries in the past 2 years

I didn’t take pain meds/antibiotics

& recovered in record time

(I’ve also put in a lot of work to be able to live that freely in my body)

I haven’t been on birth control for over a decade

While I’m aware that’s not everyone’s path or choice…

I want you to know the freedom that’s available for you

I talk about my body results so much bc I go first

I know what it’s like to grow up on antibiotics, ear infections, skin issues & strep

I know substance abuse, eating disorders & chronic illness

I know surgery, depression & anxiety

I have lived them

I just don’t anymore

You can get free

Freer than you’ve ever been

But it ALL starts in your gut

If you’re ready to heal from the inside out, start with my Castor Oil / Coffee Enema Guide Bundle $35 - comment ‘GUT’ & I’ll send it your way


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